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Getting started

This introduction will help you to make your first steps with Spaaze. For a more complete explanation of every feature Spaaze offers take a look at our Help section.


In Spaaze you basically have a virtual infinite board. What to do with a board? Put something on it! Which brings us to items.

Item add menu The things you can put on your board we call items, and there are multiple types of them available like bookmarks, labels, notes or videos. You can add items using the plus (+) in the left of the upper menu bar. Just click the item you want to create and it will appear.

Items are designed to hold some kind of information. Different item types for different kinds of information. But they are useless if they don't show the information you want them to show, so lets learn how to edit items.

Items in standard mode (top) and edit mode (bottom) Item handling and editing is based on the following simple rules:


Bookmarklet popup A bookmarklet is a special bookmark you set up in your browser that runs some code on the page you are currently on. The Spaaze bookmarklet allows you to add items to your board on whatever page you are on without having to open Spaaze. It also tries to recognize the page you are on so that it offers to add a youtube item if you are on a youtube page. Items added via the bookmarklet will appear in the middle of your board.

Since modern browsers have a lot of security features the bookmarklet won't run in every page (e.g. it won't work within online banking pages). If you find a page where it doesn't work and think it should work there please report the page, and we'll check if we can make the bookmarklet compatible.

Information on how to install the bookmarklet visit this page.


After creating some items it's time to organize them. The mechanism we offer for this is called hotspots. Usually you'll want to group items which belong to each other. To create a hotspot just navigate to an empty spot on the board. You can move around on the board by simply dragging the cork.

Hotspot menu and add dialog When you've found an empty spot, click the star icon and name the spot. This is your new hotspot. Now you can go back to the middle using the "center" button. Now select the items you want to move to the hotspot (see item handling above or select multiple items by dragging a frame around the items while holding down shift) and start to move them. Drop them on the hotspot icon (star) which appears at the bottom of the screen while moving the items. After the drop a popup will appear which lists all hotspots you've created. Clicking the name of the hotspot will move all the selected items to that spot.

You can jump to your hotspots at any time by clicking the "Jump to" dropdown from the menu bar and selecting the hotspot.