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Spaaze: Infinite virtual cork board

Spaaze - an infinite virtual cork board - is a new approach for online information management. Its generalized physical approach of data organization allows it to be used for many different use cases, from todo tracking to bookmark management.

Vienna, Austria -- Spaaze, a web application by Stefan Schuster, introduces a new way to organize, brainstorm, collaborate and share information of any kind. It's resembles a digital online version of a cork board that's available on every computer with a modern web-browser.

Spaaze offers it's users an infinite virtual canvas which can be used like a traditional cork board. But, unlike it's analog counterpart, Spaaze supports various different items like notes, bookmarks, photos, videos and files. Using these items, the software can be used for many use cases like brainstorming, self organization, note taking, simple project management or collecting and archiving bookmarks and videos. Spaaze intends to be a digital hub for all tasks where specialized software would be over the top to cover the users needs.

It's features include full-text search of all items on a given board, intuitive drag & drop handling, a special bookmarklet that enables users to add items without having to open Spaaze and an iPad version supporting full multi-touch. The software also includes collaborative and social features. Users can invite others to work together on a board and see each others updates almost instantly. It's also possible to share boards with the public. Like this, Spaaze can be used to build simple homepages that can be published on user defined sub-domains (

In an extensive field test during the last year over 10.000 users used Spaaze to create and organize more than 100.000 items and share over 700 boards with the public. "Our goal is to simplify all our online lives. We all sign up for many different web services offering specialized interfaces for certain tasks. But most of them are an overkill for our day to day use of e.g. todo tracking, note taking and bookmark keeping. We wanted to have a generalized approach that would allow us to do all of that, and more, within one application." said Stefan Schuster. "Everybody likes to structure information differently. We think that Spaaze's physical approach of putting information to distinct places on a board could really help people to organize their ideas and manage their information. Work related stuff in the top left, restaurant tips way to the bottom, it's a very intuitive way of information management."

About Stefan Schuster

Stefan Schuster (, the creator of Spaaze, is a freelance IT consultant based in Vienna, Austria. He is specialized on web and mobile application development.


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