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Spaaze is completely usable for free. There are limits on free usage, but in a different way than you might expect. We use a simple points system instead of setting hard limits on certain features. Every user gets 99 points and certain features (creating boards, uploading files) subtract some of those points. Within these limits you can create for example create an extra boards and upload up to 12 files.

Free Usage Prepaid System Subscription
Free within a limit of 99 SpaazePoints . All items can be created for free, only some actions (like creating boards or uploading files) subtract points. When you've reached the limits you can buy extra points for a small one time charge. If you want to support Spaaze or you have the feeling that you need more points than reasonable within the prepaid system you can purchase a time based subscription.


Since there are no different packages to choose from, a classical comparison table doesn't really fit Spaaze. Nevertheless this table tries to show what you get for what price.

Free Prepaid Subscription
Labels SpaazePoints SpaazePoints SpaazePoints
Bookmarks SpaazePoints SpaazePoints SpaazePoints
Notes SpaazePoints SpaazePoints SpaazePoints
Youtube/Vimeo SpaazePoints SpaazePoints SpaazePoints
HTML widgets SpaazePoints SpaazePoints SpaazePoints
Link images SpaazePoints SpaazePoints SpaazePoints
Upload images 4 SpaazePoints / MB 4 SpaazePoints / MB SpaazePoints
Files 4 SpaazePoints / MB 4 SpaazePoints / MB SpaazePoints
Boards 50 SpaazePoints / board 50 SpaazePoints / board SpaazePoints
Free on signup 99 SpaazePoints
Price FREE Starting at €1.49 for 100 SpaazePoints Starting at €2.99 / month

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