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Info: Only "Spaaze" Accounts can be retrieved using this page. If you used Google, Yahoo or OpenId please retrieve your account information there!

Since it's not mandatory to provide an e-mail address to sign up for Spaaze, not every account has one, and those accounts which have one have never verified their e-mail address. So whether you can retrieve/reset your username/password really depends on whether you voluntarily entered a valid e-mail address on sign up or not.

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To retrieve your username you only need to enter the e-mail address used for sign up. If we find this e-mail address in our database we'll send an e-mail containing the username to that address.

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To generate a new temporary password to be able to sign in to an account and set a new password you need to enter both the username and the e-mail address of that account. Only if you've entered an e-mail address on sign up and the e-mail address matches the username entered the password will be reset.